Welcome to Nini' Splendid Jewels! business run by a black woman. Our brand is dedicated to offer luxury high quality, long lasting jewelry for you to feel exceptional. We offer minimalist luxurious and 18k gold plated/filled high quality jewelry for any occasion. Learn more About Nini'Splendid Jewels

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Reworked Collection

Designer pieces that are one-of-a-kind, luxurious jewelry collection for you to stand... 


Give yourself a dazzling and luxurious look without breaking the bank with... 

  • Stand out with our earrings collection

    You should wear jewelry that makes you stand out.

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  • gemstones meet 18k gold

    Enchance any of your outfits with colorful gemstones a remedy to your craving for GOLD and gemstones..

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  • Allow the world to see your sophisticated style

    Discover our 18k gold plated bracelets collection that add glow and a sophisticate style to your appearance!

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