About US - Nini’Splendid Jewels

Welcome to Nini' Splendid Jewels! business run by an Black woman. We re Midwest based jewelry brand, an online store that ships around the United States. Our brand is dedicated to offer luxury high quality jewelry for you to feel exceptional.

Quality or Quantity ? 

Quality 100% over quantity ! We’re dedicated to quality because we want my customers to have the best jewels  and be happy with their purchase. They can wear our jewelry which are high quality jewelry without breaking the bank and they can be confident that their jewelry will last longer.

Our jewelry are long lasting luxury jewels at an affordable price. We offer minimalist luxurious and 18k gold plated/filled high quality, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant jewelry for any occasion. 

As a teenager I have always dreamed about having my own business since I was 15 year old. My mum was my model and taught me entrepreneurship early on. Wanting to be my own boss and helping women feel exceptional with a touch of splendid jewels, I started NINI’SPLENDID JEWELS  at the beginning of 2021 during the pandemic.

"Nini’Splendid Jewels" meaning 

This name combines my nickname Nini, my nickname, and only my close family calls me by my nickname. So, it was important to feel connected to people who will support and love my brand as I want to build a community around Nini’ splendid  jewels to be more like a lifestyle. Splendid means excellent; sublime and I chose this word to define the quality of my jewels as I only have the best quality. Thanks 

Nini’Splendid Jewels represent women who are confident, fierce and ambitious. I want my brand to represent women who are confident, fierce and  ambitious. I also want my customers to know that they are supporting a woman black-owned business. This is important for me because when I grew up especially in the western world, I didn't see many black-owned businesses but now I am so excited to see and support other black owned businesses myself. 

Our focus in jewelry and sense of Fashion 

My focus when designing jewelries is to adds a luxurious edge, a splash of gold and a classy touch to any outfit. I believe that jewels complete any outfit whether you’re going for a casual look or for a formal outfit. I also think that jewelry is a conversation starter and people can get to know you through your jewelry as they might hold true meaning for some individuals. Plus, most of the time people will compliment you when they are sincere which makes it a good way to share your style with others.