Nini'splendid Jewels pieces are created to honor the contemporary and boundless individual. We're committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible through materials, production, design, and Branding.

Material Recycled. Almost every metal used in our original designs is recycled and handcrafted by artisans. Our designs are 18k plated over stainless steel and finished with an e-coating, which aids in corrosion, skin sensitivity, and product longevity.
Our Suppliers. We partner with suppliers who prioritize sustainable practices such as in-house waste treatment, fair labor, healthy and safe work environments, and protection of the environment.

Branding and design. Our designs are carefully crafted and quality tested before they arrive at your door, greatly increasing wear. We strive to reduce packaging waste by using paper products over plastics.

Nini'Splendid Jewels manufacturing and production work environments are all safe and ethical.